Michael Krieger – “complete collapse of everything”

– Listen to Michael’s YouTube interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog — A Very Disturbing Interview!  Please Watch!  7/7/2016 0 Comments   ZAP’s Mid–Week Update — July 6, 2016 —  7/7/2016 0 Comments  Read More  INTEL REPORT:  ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON INTERIM REPUBLIC PRESIDENT GENERAL DUNFORD & GCR UPDATES — FEBRUARY 15, 2016  2/16/2016 0 Comments February 15, 2016 Notes and Video by enerchi of ascensionwithearth.com   Picture   This is some popcorn worthy rumor/intel coming from a gentleman named Art.  Below are some quick notes I took from the intel provided by Art of the WSOMN conference call that took place on February 15, 2016.  I have edited and uploaded to YouTube the intelligence report provided by Art which is about 6 minutes.  Full call is a couple hours long.  You may listen or download the full call at this replay link here…..  Thank you to the WSOMN team, their website is …..   Chinese are in charge of global financial markets (Art agrees with Iko Ward) Chinese are ticked off that the United States has not met obligations to release the GCR Dunford has been told by the Chinese to “Get it done or else” Chinese will go around USA if not done Chinese are tired of USA making demands from Iraq USA trying to hold the GCR at bay and USA has stopped the GCR a couple of times Get it done Today or Tomorrow (February 15th & February 16th) Prosperity Programs are waiting to go out to the recipients GCR or PP go first? 48hours to get 70% of the PP delivered than GCR is to follow If the PP don’t go out, the groups would still be able to go without the delivery of the Prosperity Programs. TRNs are live, but the rate needs to be set and China may set the rate tonight February 15th. Lady asks for Art to confirm a rumor about an assassination attempt on General Dunford’s life.  Can you verify a rumor that General Dunford was on his way last Thursday 2/11 and he switched cars in his motorcade. The car that he was supposed to be riding in was blown up. Art confirms that the assassination attempt on General Dunford’s life is true. Bad guys were actually killed, also a single shooter tried taking out Dunford, but the assassin was killed. Assassination attempt also on Chief Justice Judge Roberts last week and it is rumored that Judge Scalia was assassinated by “heart attack”.  Dunford is ok and got signatures on the peace treaties and came back last evening 2/14. He has a crew of people working on getting the GCR done. Admiral (Reno) has signed off on everything and all the SKRs (Safe Keeping Receipts) are supposed to be paid off today. Public (non-internet Groups) is supposed to go a week from tomorrow 2/16. China can crash the whole system and are really ticked off. Tired of the games.  Will go around USA if not done. USA was trying to require Iraq to jump through more hoops but China said “NO”, and to get this done now. General Dunford said 40,000 banks and exchange centers will be open for currency exchange Bruce said 5,500 exchange centers and 18,000 banks Art is not sure which numbers are correct. Plenty of places to exchange currency.  Just a reminder that this information is just rumors until proven otherwise.  Posted for your Awareness!    Intel / rumors:  Chinese Elders Achieving World Peace Before GCR Is Released  2/12/2016 0 Comments Picture  World peace has been achieved (at least on paper); including Israel & Palestine, Turkey & Syria, Saudi Arabia & Yemen. Peace is one of the non-negotiable requirements for joining and remaining in good standing with the AIIB (Chinese Elders).  Islamic State funding has been eliminated from all private and public sources.  Buying illegal Islamic State oil is now internationally illegal.  All oil transactions must now be paid for in either: Euros, Rubles or Yuans.  NATO will be disbanded as it exists currently (less USA), and reconstituted as a European Peacekeeping Force.  Turkish President Erdogan surrendered all his personal/illegal Islamic State activities in northern Syria, northern Iraq and Turkey.  He did so in exchange for a percentage of the new Turkish Stream (gas pipeline) that will connect Russian gas with European population.   Both Erdogan (Turkey) and Assad (Syria) will be allowed to remain in power.  Rome’s Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill are meeting in Havana, Cuba tomorrow, they will sign an agreement transitioning Christianity into the new Aquarian age.  This agreement will settle a 1,000 year old schism in both Christianity and the Vatican papal structure.  Peace talks in Munich, Germany between Syria, US, Russia, EU, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Kurdistan have ended with a cease fire agreement and humanitarian aid package to refugees.  New boundaries have been drawn to split land and take oil fields away from Islamic State/Turkey/Ottoman Empire.  Kurdistan will be given Sovereign Statehood, breaking free from both Turkey and Iraq governments.  Iraq will be announcing Mosul’s release from Islamic State forces next week.  IMF’s Christine LeGarde received a second term by Chinese Elders, who own both IMF and World Bank now.   Chinese New Year ends Sunday Evening 2/14 in China (Sunday morning 2/14 in USA) World Markets are being gently positioned to exact RV algorithm starting points the Elders have pre-set for each.  Do not be anxious about the wild market swings, as they are final adjustments in a larger macro strategy.     This report was first seen at Dinar Chronicles   February 10th, 2016  2/11/2016 0 Comments  ——– Original Message ——– From: 2goforth To: 2goforth Subject: ZAP’S DECENTLY RESPECTFUL REPLY from “The Office of Poofness” Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 01:38:40 -0500 HI ALL – I RECEIVED A MESSAGE FROM A FRIEND REGARDING MY ASKING FOR HELP THROUGH THESE LAST HARD TIMES – THE MESSAGE IS QUITE CLEAR AS BELOW: Admin Posts: 38810 Join date: 2012-01-04 Location: Woodstock Nation Jimmy sorry to hear about what you are going through. So many, myself included, are just scraping by. I would be more than happy to help you network a Go Fund Me acct. as I had previously offered to anyone here that would like that kind of exposure. Here is the link to the original post:  You would need to go to the Go Fund Me site here:  and read the criteria to make sure they will work with you. If so let me know and we can work together to try to spread the word and possibly get you some financial help. As for the promises of the con artist Zap/Jerzy they are empty and hold no value to you or anyone else I am afraid. He is living on the donations that they rake in twice per week or more. None of you will ever see your projects come through from that group except maybe to steal them from you and implement them cutting you out completely. As to funding and returning your donations back to you…. will never happen. Stay tuned here as I think the Critical Post might be breaking their little con job wide open pretty soon. Until then ….. PLEASE ALL OF YOU.. STOP SENDING THIS RIP OFF ARTIST DONATIONS!!! FIRSTLY, JIMMY: YOU MUST BE IN A CRITICAL PLACE. SEND AN EMAIL TO SUSAN SO WE CAN SEE IF THERE IS ANYTHING WE CAN DO AND GIVE YOU A SCHEDULE OF WHEN. YOU TOO ADMIN AND ANY OTHERS IN REAL NEED. NO CON ARTISTS PLEASE.  IN RESPONSE TO YOU DEAR ADMIN, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME WHETHER YOU HAVE TRIED TO PUT SOMETHING TOGETHER ON A GLOBAL SCALE THAT WAS VERY DIFFICULT TO DO? I MEAN BESIDES DRIVING A KEYBOARD AND PROVIDING A FORUM FOR PEOPLE TO EXPLORE AND VENT IN? HAVE YOU WENT OUT OF YOUR WAY TO SACRIFICE EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY? TO ACTUALLY BUILD SOMETHING THAT WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND LAST ON A GLOBAL SCALE? MAKE A REALLY GOOD CUP OF COFFEE? TILL THE GARDEN? RAISE ANTS? IF YOU HAVE, YOU AND I CAN GO AND HAVE A BEER AND SAY MEANINGFUL THINGS. IF YOU HAVE NOT, AND BASE YOUR JUDGEMENT ON CONJECTURE WITHOUT HARD FACTS OF KNOWING WHAT I AM DOING, WHICH I AND MY TEAMS ARE DOING ON FUMES, A HEARTBEAT AND A PRAYER WITHOUT ANY INCOME OR BUSINESS RESOURCES TO KEEP WHAT IS BUILT ALREADY ALIVE,…THEN STAND DOWN AND RETHINK YOUR POSITION. ALLOW ME THE HELP HERE. IT IS ALL TOO EASY TO CONDEMN BASED ON OPINION AND A FEW RUMORS, RIGHT? AND IT HURTS SOMETHING, RIGHT? EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT I DO NOT SHRINK FROM ANY CONFRONTATIONS, BUT AVOID THEM IF I CAN TO AVOID WASTING MY TIME (WHAT LITTLE I HAVE EVEN WITH AN AVERAGE 5 HOUR SLEEP PER DAY). TRUTH IS TRUTH AND I LIVE IN IT, SO LET’S GET TO THIS. I SUBMIT FOR YOUR INSPECTION: 1.       SINCE ALMOST A YEAR, I HAVE CONDONED THE DONATION PART OF WHAT SUSAN IS DOING. BECAUSE WITHOUT THAT, WHAT IS BUILT FALLS APART AND BECOMES NO MORE (ZERO RESOURCES=ZERO EFFECT) 2.       SUSAN IS CRITICAL TO THE CONTINUED DISSEMINATION OF THE INFORMATION SHE IS DUTY BOUND TO PROVIDE – SHE IS CRUCIAL IN HER ROLE FOR THOUSANDS THAT HAVE GONE INTO THE PREVIOUS TRANSACTIONS 3.       I AM NOT. I DO NOT HAVE TO BE HERE. I WAS JUST ASKED, AND IF I AM ASKED TO GO AWAY, I WILL. 4.       MY ROLE IS CLEARLY STATED THROUGHOUT: I AM HERE FOR THE DEPLOYMENT OF THE GLOBAL RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS, AND ALL OTHER PROJECTS THAT CAN AND WILL HELP HUMANITY 5.       THE BUILDING OF THE MECHANISM TO FUND AND ADMINISTER THE AMOUNT OF SUCH PROJECTS ON A GLOBAL BASIS REQUIRES A ROBUST INFRASTRUCTURE, AND CAN NOT BE DONE OVERNIGHT AS SOME HAVE TRIED RECENTLY 6.       IT IS DIFFICULT TO FUND THIS PROCESS WITH ZERO RESOURCES, BUT IT WAS MANAGED – SWEAT EQUITY AT ITS FINEST 7.       MANY GOOD PEOPLE CAME TOGETHER TO ESTABLISH THIS MECHANISM, AND PREPARE THE CORPORATE STRUCTURES TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE THE LARGE SCOPE OF ANTICIPATED OPERATIONS 8.       COMMON SENSE SO FAR? 9.       OVER MANY MONTHS OF INTENSE WORK AND ANTICIPATION OF THE ACTUAL PROJECT FUNDS RELEASE, WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED THAT THE PRIMARY TRANSFERS FROM THE TRUST SIDE WERE DONE – ACTUAL MOVEMENT OF CASH 10.   JUST IN THE LAST DAYS, THE CRITICAL TIME, MEAGER RESOURCES BECAME LESS SO, AND THE USUAL $600 TO $1000 DONATION THAT CAME EVERY WEEK FROM THE BASELINE $10 AND SOME REMARKABLE LARGER DONATIONS THAT WERE SPLIT INTO LIFE SAVING $50, $200, $70 WESTERN UNIONS TO KEEP PEOPLE BREATHING, DRIED UP – A TOTAL OF $25 WAS DONATED BY TWO PEOPLE THAT WAS SENT TO A GIRL THAT HAD NO FOOD 11.   MY LAST REQUEST FOR DONATIONS WERE FOR THESE PEOPLE, BUT UNFORTUNATELY, DEAR ADMIN, I WAS NOT ABLE TO KEEP 2 PEOPLE STABLE AND FED IN 2 COUNTRIES – THEY HAVE NOBODY BUT ME TO SUPPORT THEM AND KEEP A ROOF OVER THEM AND FED…AND THE OCCASIONAL MEDICAL EMERGENCY DUE TO DIET CHANGE OR SOMETHING IN THE WATER (THE USUAL) 12.   MY CALL FOR HELP FELL ON DEAF EARS FOR SOME REASON, AND NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY 13.   YOUR CALL TO STOP HELPED 14.   WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS AND I LOOK AT THIS AS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR BEING HERE TO DO THIS WORK – IF IT WAS EASY EVERYBODY WOULD BE DOING IT 15.   AND YOU WOULD DESTROY IT OFFHANDEDLY BY PRONOUNCING TO THE WORLD THAT I AM A RIP OFF ARTIST – I WILL GET TO THIS LATER… 16.   BUT, DEAR ADMIN, WHAT ABOUT THE SEVERAL DOZEN CORE PEOPLE THAT ARE RUNNING THIS EFFORT NOW EACH WITH THEIR OWN DEPARTMENTAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES? YOU PAINT THEM WITH THE SAME BRUSH, RIGHT? 17.   DO THEY DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT? 18.   THEY ARE HERE FOR OUR HUMANITY, AND BELIEVE IN DOING THIS AT THEIR OWN PERSONAL SACRIFICE WHETHER A LUCRATIVE JOB, OR A GOOD CONTRACT AND SOME ARE IN FORECLOSURE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE THAT FALLS ON HARD TIMES – THEIR SACRIFICE WILL DRIVE THIS CORPORATE STRUCTURE TO DELIVER PROJECT FUNDING AND ALL RELATED SERVICES TO MAKE EACH PROJECT SUCCESSFUL IN THE FUTURE 19.   THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE COME HERE AND THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BUILT WITH THEIR HELP 20.   I ASSURE YOU IT NOT A CON JOB – IT IS A BUNCH OF WORK THAT TEARS PEOPLE APART IF THEY ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH…REALLY 21.   WHAT IT IS, IS A ROCK SOLID BLESSING THAT WE HAVE IN THE COMING TOGETHER OF SUCH SPIRITUALLY MOTIVATED AND HIGHLY TRAINED INDIVIDUALS GATHERING AT ONE FOCAL POINT AT THIS TIME FOR OUR HUMANITY 22.   I THEREFORE PUT IT TO YOU TO SHOW WHAT IS THIS “CON JOB” DONE BY THIS “RIP OFF ARTIST” YOU SPEAK OF – SNUFFLES IS SHAKING HIS HEAD  THAT IS GIVING BACKGROUND AND MEAT TO WHO I AM AND WHAT ALL OF US ARE DOING AND BEING NICE ABOUT IT.  THE PARTS COMING FROM YOU ARE NOT SO NICE. As for the promises of the con artist Zap/Jerzy they are empty and hold no value to you or anyone else I am afraid. WHAT PROMISES ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? DID I PROMISE ANYTHING OTHER THAN TO FUND WORTHY PROJECTS? WHICH PROMISES EXACTLY ARE EMPTY? HAVE YOU MADE A LIST OF PROMISES THAT ARE EMPTY? ARE YOU QUALIFIED TO DISCERN AND JUDGE WHICH PROMISES ARE EMPTY, OR PROMISES TO BEGIN WITH? DO YOU HAVE AN EMPTY PROMISE DEGREE? A CERTIFICATE AT LEAST? DO YOU HAVE AUTHORITY TO ADVISE OTHERS ON EMPTY PROMISES? DO YOU KNOW WHAT AN EMPTY PROMISE IS? HAVE YOU DONE RESEARCH ON EMPTY THINGS? IS THIS A PASSION TO RESEARCH PROMISES AND PROCLAIM THEM EMPTY? DO YOU OFTEN JUDGE THINGS AND TELL OTHERS OF YOUR JUDGEMENT? DO YOU MUMBLE JUDGEMENTS IN YOUR SLEEP? WHAT INTRINSIC VALUE DO YOU THINK THESE EMPTY PROMISES DO NOT HOLD? ARE YOU AN EXPERT ON VALUES? DO YOU HAVE A DEGREE IN VALUES? A CERTIFICATE? DO YOU COUNSEL PEOPLE ON VALUES? WHAT ARE YOUR VALUES? DO YOU KNOW WHAT A VALUE IS? A SQUASH? A TRICERATOPS? I COULD ASK MORE BUT SO FAR, I CAN NOT COME UP WITH A COGENT ANSWER TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS POSING THEM TO MYSELF AS IF I WERE YOU. EVEN THE STUPID ONES. BUT I DO KNOW WHAT A SQUASH IS. IT IS A VEGETABLE IN A BIG WHITE HOUSE. IT SQUASHES THINGS. He is living on the donations that they rake in twice per week or more. IT PAYS INTERNET AND FOOD AT LEAST WITH THE MAJORITY OF THE DONATIONS THAT COME IN GOING OUT TO OPERATIONS FOR THE OTHERS THAT ARE DOING THIS WORK AND YOU SHOULD SEE THE STACK OF WESTERN UNION SEND RECEIPTS. I CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM AND SEND IT TO YOU. WANT IT?  SO REALLY, OTHER PEOPLE ARE LIVING OFF THE DONATIONS. SOME MOTHERS WITH KIDS, SOME PROFESSIONALS WHO SACRIFICED TO DO THIS WORK AND ARE STUCK IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WITHOUT RESOURCES, SOME LYING ON A HOSPITAL BED WITH A BODY RAVAGED BY DISEASE, SOME LIVING UNDER A BRIDGE IN THEIR CAR THAT HAS A TRANNY ON ITS WAY OUT, SOME….IT IS A LONG LIST. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM IS A PROFESSIONAL EITHER WITH A DEGREE, OR AN INDISPENSABLE SKILL SET. IT TOOK YEARS TO FIND THESE PEOPLE THAT HAD THE SMARTS AND SKILL SETS TO DO THIS WORK, AND ABOVE ALL, HAD THE HEART, INTEGRITY AND THE WILL TO SACRIFICE TO BUILD WHAT IS NEEDED FOR HUMANITY. THESE ARE VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE, AND LOSING ONE IS A CATASTROPHE. WE JUST LOST 2 OF THEM. IRREPLACEABLE RIGHT NOW DEAR ADMIN. I CAN NOT HELP THEM. RIGHT NOW, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD THERE IS A YOUNG FAMILY WITH A BABY SITTING IN A TRAIN STATION WAITING FOR ME TO SEND THEM A WESTERN UNION SO THEY CAN TAKE THE TRAIN AND GO HOME TO SEE THE PARENTS AND GET A ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS AND FOOD TO EAT. THEY WILL LIVE THERE WITH A BEGGING BOWL IN HAND UNTIL NEXT WEEK WHEN OUR FUNDS COME IN AND I CAN GIVE THEM A HELPING HAND. I HAVE NO RESOURCES FOR THEM, ONLY TEARS. None of you will ever see your projects come through from that group except maybe to steal them from you and implement them cutting you out completely. BITE YOUR TONGUE. HARD. I AM NOT THE RED DRAGON OR ANY OF THE OTHER IDIOTS RUNNING AROUND WITH THEIR PANTS AROUND THEIR ANKLES AND A MEGAPHONE IN THEIR HAND. WE HAVE OVER 3,000 PROJECTS SUBMITTED AND FROM THE INITIAL TAKE, WE WILL BE ABLE TO FUND THEM ALL AS THE AMOUNTS ARE IN KEEPING WITH INDUSTRY STANDARDS…NOTHING OUTRAGEOUS. THE QUALITY OF THE PROPOSALS IS TRULY FROM THE HEART. YOU SHOULD SEE SOME OF THESE. ART CENTERS FOR THE BLIND, ORCHESTRAS FOR THE DEAF, FUNDING THE STUDY OF SPACE TOILETS AT 150,000 PER SEAT,…OH SORRY THAT IS SOME OTHER CON ARTIST. GOVERNMENT GUY I THINK. WE HAVE ORCHESTRAS FOR THE BLIND, ART CENTERS FOR THE DEAF, SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY MODELS, NEW ROAD MATERIALS SUPERIOR TO CONCRETE AND ASPHALT (NON TOXIC TOO), THE CURE FOR MALARIA, THE CURE FOR MELANOMA, MEGAWATT POWER TECHNOLOGIES THAT COST CENTS, COOL NEW ELECTRIC CARS AND OTHER TRANSPORT, FOOD TECH FROM ALKALINE AND OXYGENATED WATER THAT GROWS A TOMATO TREE IN 2 MONTHS WITH ABOUT 2000 POUNDS OF TOMATO YIELD, SUPER VIRAL AND BACTERIAL NON TOXIC KILLERS, AND ON AND ON AND ON. OUR MODEL IS SIMPLE. WE TAKE 10% TO 60% OF THE EQUITY IN EXCHANGE FOR WHATEVER FUNDING IS NEEDED – ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. OUR PROFIT, IF ANY, GOES TO THE COMPANY WE FUND TO GROW IT. NO RAPE AND PILLAGE HERE. THE GRANTS WE WILL DO ARE ANOTHER MATTER WITH DIFFERENT CRITERIA. YOU WERE THINKING OF SOMEBODY ELSE, YES? As to funding and returning your donations back to you…. will never happen. FUNDING IS ALREADY IN PLACE WITH THE FIRST TRANSFER COMING IN NEXT WEEK FROM THE TRUST TO SET OUR INFRASTRUCTURE IN PLACE. NO OFFICE, TELEPHONE AND LIGHTBULB AND STAFF…NO WORK POSSIBLE. SO WE GET A BIT IN FIRST TO GET THAT DONE, THEN WE CAN START PROCESSING THE PROJECTS PROPERLY. I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS HALFWAY. IT HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. YOUR ASSERTION THAT THERE IS NO FUNDING IS WITHOUT WEIGHT OR MERIT. I HAVE BANK PAPERWORK ATTESTING TO THE FUNDS. IN RESPECT OF THE DONATION THING, A DONATION IS A BIT OF HELP. DOES THE HELP NEED TO BE PAID BACK? NO. IT IS HELP FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS CONSIDERED WORTHY OF HELP. I LOOKED AT THIS HELP A BIT DIFFERENTLY, AND MADE A DECISION AGAINST SOME THAT WARNED NOT TO DO THIS, TO ESTABLISH A RELIEF FUND FOR THOSE THAT NEED IT (IE: LIVING UNDER A BRIDGE). THEY SAID THAT IF I DID THAT AND PUBLICIZED IT, THEN I WOULD GET MILLIONS AT MY DOORSTEP INCLUDING THE “GIVE ME MONEY CAUSE I SMELL FUNNY AND NEED A MILLION TO TAKE A BATH” FOLK. THE RELIEF FUND WILL BE CAREFULLY STRUCTURED TO PROVIDE THIS TYPE OF HELP AND MAYBE RUN EXCLUSIVELY BY THE WISE WOMEN (WHICH MAKES THE BEST SENSE TO ME). EVENTUALLY THIS WILL WIND UP AND CLOSE SHOP AS POVERTY IS ERADICATED: THE MISSION TASK. STICKING TO THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF THINGS GIVE YOU A MORE ROUNDED PERSPECTIVE OF ANY SITUATION, AND I INVITE YOU TO LOOK THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES IN CONSIDERING WHAT YOU SAY SO NONCHALANTLY. AND YES MY DECISION EXTENDS TO THOSE THAT HELPED. THEY WILL RECEIVE A GIFT FROM ME. WHETHER IT IS A DONATION BACK OR SOMETHING ELSE, I DID NOT SPECIFY AND WILL MAKE SOME DECISIONS SOON. BUT IF IT IS A DONATION THEN I HAVE DESTINATIONS NOW FOR THAT. IT WILL HAPPEN, OF THAT THERE IS NO QUESTION. WE ARE BUILT DIFFERENTLY, AND GO FURTHER THAN EXPECTED. MY PRIMARY EXECUTIVE REMARKED: I think we should make our first project the helping of those that helped us. I AGREED. Stay tuned here as I think the Critical Post might be breaking their little con job wide open pretty soon. Until then ….. DEAR CRITICAL POST, WHAT CON JOB? PRETTY SOON WHEN? I AM INTENSELY CURIOUS TO READ WHAT YOU SAY NEXT AND DECIPHER THIS MYSTERIOUS CON JOB YOU ALLUDE TO. WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET AND INTERVIEW OUR PEOPLE TO UNCOVER THE CON JOB OR DO YOU KNOW ALREADY? MAYBE COME OVER AND SEE WHAT ROCKS THERE ARE THAT YOU CAN SEARCH UNDER FOR SLIMY THINGS? DO YOU LIKE SLIMY THINGS? WE HAVE SOME PEBBLES COMING IN THE PROPOSED AQUARIUM IN THE OFFICE LOBBY. IF YOU WAIT A COUPLE OF MONTHS AND WE DON’T CLEAN THE WATER, THEY WILL BECOME SLIMY. WILL THEY DO? I I WOULD BE OBLIGED IF YOU WOULD ADDRESS ME DIRECTLY AND ALLOW ME THE SANCTITY OF FACING MY ACCUSER. BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR HELPING REVEAL INFORMATION THAT PROVIDES US THE PUZZLE PIECES. NICE JOB ACTUALLY…I TOOK SOME TIME TO GET TO KNOW YOU AND READ UP A BIT. IN THE MEANTIME, THE WORK GOES ON WITH OR WITHOUT FOOD. LOVE AND LIGHT IN OUR SERVICE ZAP PS: SUSAN JUST CALLED BEFORE I SENT THIS – SHE GOT AN EMAIL FROM A DOWNED HOMELESS GUY IN ST LOUIS – HE WROTE IN A REALLY SAD EMAIL ASKING NOT FOR MONEY, BUT FOR A BUS TICKET FROM ST LOUIS BACK TO CANADA SO HE CAN GO INTO A HOMELESS SHELTER BECAUSE ST LOUIS REJECTED HIM SINCE HE WAS A CANADIAN – THE GUY THAT HE WORKED FOR SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED AND LEFT HIM BACK ON THE STREET – ANYBODY WITH A BUS TICKET FOR HIM? – I CAN NOT HELP  It’s been said so often that it always darkest before the light of victory is upon us. Thank you for the support you have given us to keep this newsletter coming. It has kept many computers running. We couldn’t do this without your contributions. Small or large contributions service many in need. Please go to HYPERLINK  www.paypal.com and send to HYPERLINK “mailto:goneforthfornow@gmail.com” goneforthfornow@gmail.com. Please know we will be successful. > > Love and Kisses, > > “The Office of Poofness” > > ZAP, Susan and Staff  IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This E- mail message (including any and all attachments) is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521; it is confidential and legally privileged and is being sent for informational purposes only. In addition, the information contained in this E-mail message is personal and confidential and is intended for a specific individual(s) and purpose and therefore is protected from disclosure under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The sender is not a licensed securities broker-dealer. This E-mail message is neither a solicitation of investment nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities. If you are not the intended recipient, you should delete this message immediately and/or any of its attachments and are hereby notified that any unauthorized disclosure, copying, or distribution of this message and/or its attachments, or the taking of any action based on it, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED as noted above. If you have received this communication in error, please notify/alert us by E-Mail, and immediately forward this message back to the original sender then delete it from your computer system. If you are not the intended recipient and intentionally intercept or forward this message to any other party, you will be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties. This electronic communication is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, codified at 18 U.S.C. §§ 1367, 2510-2521, 2701-2710, 3121-3126.  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 15 USC, Subchapter I, Sec. 6801-6809. SPECIAL NOTE: NSA – National Security Agency may not use this communication in any way. According to Presidential Executive the named NSA or National Security Agency may not use the information. The information in this communication is private and only intended for the recipient. Este mensaje y sus anexos está dirigido para ser usado por su(s) destinatario(s) exclusivamente y puede contener información confidencial y/o reservada protegida legalmente. Si usted no es el destinatario, se le notifica que cualquier distribución o reproducción del mismo, o de cualquiera de sus anexos, está estrictamente prohibida. Si usted ha recibido este mensaje por error, por favor notifíquenos inmediatamente y elimine su texto original, incluidos los anexos, o destruya cualquier reproducción del mismo.   European Banks Are Crashing Which Will Light The Economic Collapse Fuse
Published on Feb 9, 2016Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel

US retail sales fell by 2.6% in first week of February.Wholesale to inventory sales flashing depression, collapse!! Baltic Dry Index down to 291. Obama’s final budget is 4.1 trillion dollars which he doubled the number of taxes on the people. European banks are crashing and this will light the fuse and spread the economic collapse throughout the world. German minister says everything is fine in the Deutsche Bank. Jim Rogers warns we are done, the entire system is about to implode, prepare yourself.

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